Follow Up to the Green Acres Picture

To set this up: There is a road on the way up to my friend’s deer camp named Green Acres lane.  I took too much time trying to get a picture of me in front of the sign last year and it gotten stolen and was only recently replaced.  I moved quickly to get my picture taken and am glad I did as it got stolen again soon afterwards.  It was a regular picture that I put on my blog and sent to the a guy I used to work with as it was he who loved the fact that I moved to MS and call myself a cattle farmer.  He then started pestering me to get bib overall’s, not wear a shirt and get a blue tick hound to round out the picture.  When I wouldn’t cooperate, he sent me the overalls.

I relented to his request and put on the overalls, didn’t wear a shirt but did put on my best cowboy boots and my new cowboy hat and made sure the Tag Heuer watch that I earned by being the salesman of year right before I retired is visible to complete transformation of the title for this blog which is “From Prince of Larchmont to Cattle Farmer in Mississippi” (for those who don’t know I explain why I am a prince of Larchmont in profile section of this blog).

As I have stated to people that I have emailed this picture to: This outfit will never be seen in public again.


Green Acres Improved


5 thoughts on “Follow Up to the Green Acres Picture

  1. Kathy, For what ever reason, I reviewed all my comments today and throughly enjoyed our repartee. You had some funny comments and my replies were equally as funny. I had Pat look at them as I was so proud of both of us.

    • And Jake’s picture of a lab wearing sun glasses and getting ready to use the duck call in his mouth is going in mine titled, “Bad Boy Bruce and Me”

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