Brits on the Bluff

This is an English Motoring Club of Mississippi annual event that takes place in a Natchez park located right on bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. This was our second time attending and the first one in the sunshine (there is post about last year’s in the rain).

As a 12 year old boy I started a love affair with the Triumph TR3 seen in this picture that continues to this day.  However my ardor cooled when I realized that they constantly break down and you almost need a mechanic in the trunk if you are not mechanically adept, which I haven’t been until recently (sort’a).


Here is Richard Harris and his 1954 Austin Healey.  I spent a fair amount of time talking about all kinds of topics over the course of the day.  I don’t talk cars very much as I am not a car nut.  As my wife says we are car drivers vs car nuts.  We simply like to go out motor about on beautiful days.  Richard’s and my conversations ranged far and wide and I think he kept coming over to talk to me as we had a common bond.  Turns out we are both princes in our own right.  He is from a plantation owning farming family going back to when cotton was king.  He attended prep school up in Conn at Kent and then some Ivy League school.  We talked about why Southern writers are better than Eastern writers. How much better Southerners are story telling and all other kinds of things.


Ever heard of the Colby racing cars?  Here is an example of one.


We had a very nice dinner at The 1818 restaurant, which is in an old mansion.  Naturally we drove up to it in the MB-B with me in a sports coat and nice golf shirt and Pat looking even better as wives always do than their husbands.  It was grand.

Finally, here is a short clip of us driving home on the Natchez Trace the next morning, which is fantastic road to drive on in a sports car. Hmm, maybe not.  I will add it later when I figure out how to do it as I was informed that my type of file could not be downloaded.

Motor on!


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