A Long Lunch Story, both Literally and Figuratively

While at the Brits on the Bluff event this past weekend, Dominic – who has an Austin Healey – told me that he another member were planning a drive up to Greenwood (The Cotton Capital of the World, don’t cha’ know) to go to the Crystal Grill.  My only other time that I attempted to go there was on a July 4th weekend and they were closed much to our dismay after driving more than an hour to get there.  I couldn’t help myself but to ask if I could meet them there. He graciously said yes. The weather has been glorious here for the last few days and it was an actual picture perfect day for a ride in a convertible MG.  I made slightly better time than expected so had time to take these pictures before their arrival. 0924141116 0924141116a I have been trying to go to all the Blues Trails sights so lucked into finding one and since Jimmy Jarrett, the other member coming along, is a blues musician this was a great set up for another picture soon to be added. We had a great lunch and great conversation.  If you are ever in Mississippi, put the Crystal Grill on your place to east, although it is roughly 2 hours north of Jackson.  You can visit the Mississippi Delta Museum as long as you are town, too. For me it was an hour+ drive to take an hour to eat lunch to take another hour+ to drive home. Thus the title of the post. Now, here is the picture of Dominic and Jimmy with the trail marker. 0924141258 0924141351 Whose Dominic and whose Jimmy? The other picture you see are of cotton boll loaded down plants that almost are higher than my MG (I did see plants even higher than my car on the way up) ready to be picked.  The state roads were filled with huge cotton picking machines which I gladly pulled over towards the side of the road or just plain stopped off the road to let them by.  I took the picture of the cotton when I had to take a detour for a closed bridge and was driving at 10 mph on a dirt/gravel road.


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