The Grand is Not So Grand


Re: Your Recent Stay

I was amused when this arrived the other day as I had left immediate feedback before I left – see the note sent to night auditor as your wifi printer was not operable
Why the Grand Should Be Removed from the Name of Hotel
Why the Grand Should Be Removed from the Name of Hotel
  1. The “glasses” in the room should not be made of plastic
  2. The coffee cups should not be made of paper.
  3. There should be two 89 cent Rubbermaid special waste baskets like other hotels or even Super 8 motels not just one.
  4. If breakfast starts at 6:30 it should ready to be served at 6:30 or the $9 ‘amenity’ package should be refunded.
  5. On a Saturday the bar should be open. I tried to get a drink upon returning from the Brits on the Bluff event only to find the bar not open.  Then after having dinner at the 1818 and wanting to take a nightcap up to my room I stopped into the bar, where there were about a dozen people sitting at tables and at the bar, only to find out the bar wasn’t open at 8 pm on a Saturday.  Only due to the kindness of “hog” who I had met was I able to obtain a drink. (The story continues in the next point).  As I left the bar people joined me saying, “The Grand is not so Grand”.
  6. Signs for the ice makers on the floors should be posted.  Now that I had something to drink I needed ice.  I walked around half of the third floor and determined the ice makers must be on every other floor like happens on some hotels so I went down a floor. Then I went down to the unopened bar and got ice from its well.  When I went to the desk to to comment about the ice situation I was informed that ice was in room 304.  When getting up to the third floor I again looked for a sign indicating this only to not see one. Finally, I was able to go to my room to enjoy my adult beverage before retiring for the evening.
p.s.  One nice touch is the printed directions on how to get to the 1818.
I thought it a nice touch to add something nice after hammering you hotel with 6 points, which should have been 7 as I was tempted to add the wifi issue but decided not to pile on any more to please my wife.
Imagine my surprise when I got your email.  Then I realized it was an auto send to anyone that checked out and surely the General Manager would respond to my feedback.
Not even an acknowledgement of my note. Let alone a response.
I did expressly ask that the copy of the email that the night auditor printed for me which I gave to the front desk and asked to him / her as I checked out.
I was in sales for 35 years and can tell you that the vast majority of unhappy customers never tell you they are unhappy they simply go away and bad mouth you behind your back.
I am having fun bad mouthing you but could have said something nice about your hotel in my blog
Clay Ellis

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