The Prince has his first ‘run in’ with a deer and it’s in the MG B

Yesterday morning I was headed towards Jackson in the MG B to attend a European car show and had left the house a little after 8 a.m.. As I don’t take the MG on interstate highways because the MG really doesn’t like to go faster than 65 mph (and more like 60, if you really must know) I was taking a state road going south out of Benton.  I was only 2 or 3 miles down the road when I rounded a corner and two yearlings (less than a year old but not with the spots that fawns have) were just jumping onto the road to cross in front of me.  The trailing deer lost its footing as it realized a small, fast predator was headed its way and it skidded and then fell on its side. I had to make a snap decision as whether to go straight or to take evasive maneuvers to avoid the fallen deer.  Hugh Leigh has advised me that the best thing to do is go straight as otherwise you chance losing control and ending up in a ditch, which most times is worse than hitting a deer.  I held the wheel with two hands at 10 and 2 and went straight.  Fortunately, my right front wheel went over the deer legs and nothing else and the car cleared the deer.  I could see the deer scamper up in my rearview mirror and jump off the road back into the shoulder area and the woods beyond.  There was a truck a fair ways behind that saw my situation and had started to slow down and came close to a stop before continuing on.  I didn’t feel a need to stop and inspect my car as I hadn’t felt anything, nor catch anything underneath so I simply drove to my event uneventfully from there on.

At the EuroFest my car neighbors Bob and Emile Holland (with the MG Midget the Arkley in the picture below) asked me to recreate the event which is why I am pointing at the tire.



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