The Lying Stick

Hugh Leigh, Fred (a neighbor and member of Sand Creek Hunting Club) and I were over at Sand Creek this past week preparing the upcoming hunting season.  Fred had gone into the woods close an open field to look for a place to put a climbing stand for archery season and as he is prone to do, as he came out of the woods he had various branches that caught his eye that he could use to make something out of for the natural furniture / fencing items he makes.  Upon seeing the branches that were long and mostly straight, Hugh Leigh said they were from sassafras trees.

Hugh Leigh then went on to say that when he was growing up the old blacks used to call the branches which have gnarled twists in them closest to the tree and then get straight as they grow out from the tree “lying sticks”.  It was said that God punished the trees if they lied by creating the gnarled twists.  Obviously this was told to little boys and girls to impress upon them that they shouldn’t lie or the same could happen to them.


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