Pix of my cattle and a few tips on the cattle auction

It has been my intention of putting pictures of my cattle on this site however I never seem to have the right camera with me when I want to take the pictures. Then, there is also the fact that I need Hugh Leigh to help identify the ones that don’t have tags in their ears to make sure I am taking pictures of the right cows.  Just recently we were at Sand Creek where my cattle are located and while one more time I had the wrong tool to take pictures I decided to simply use my phone’s camera to do the job.

Black HeiferThis is my newest cow, soon to be a heifer. However, there is a story involved with that and what happened when the bull tried to breed her.  She fell into a sink hole and had to be rescued. Consequently, she didn’t get bred in time for the upcoming calving season and it will be next summer when she will join the ranks of the heifers.

Charlais No 113 Both of these cows are charlais. The one that lost her ear tag, # 113, is 7 years old and the one with a tag, #2064, is 6 years old.  The light color of the charlais results in them being more comfortable in the heat than an Black angus would be.

Red HornThis cow, #20161, is called Red Horn as she does have short red horns.

Silver PaintThis cow is named Silver Paint (or Paint for short) for the markings of ‘silver’ across her charlais coloring.

The BullFinally, here is the bull that I own half of, I have various fun thoughts about which half but I will leave those to your imagination.

Hugh Leigh explained that when the cows are taken to auction they will be numbered based upon their age, which makes sense, but also the state of their teeth.  A cow starting with a ‘N’ has no teeth based upon cows losing teeth the older they get. Or they may have a ‘S’ meaning some teeth. Then the number representing their age.  Most cows are still having calves up to their 15th year, but when the calves starting being born sickly or of less weight it is time to sell them and get younger cows.


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