Spider “Trolling”

Not that long ago while I was out hunting I noticed something that I have never seen before.  I was sitting in a blind that bordered a field and looked down the line of trees where the woods started and saw something wafting off of a branch in the light breeze pretty much straight out and parallel with the ground. I realized that it might be a loose strand from a spider web.  Then I saw a second and a third a fourth and so on until eleven.  While it almost looked like a flag waving in the breeze it suddenly dawned me that the spiders were doing the equivalent of fisherman dragging a line behind a boat and trolling to catch a fish.  It made sense as there were clouds of little insects being moved about in the wind. Then the trolling line worked as a small cloud got stationary and almost made a helix as they flew around trying to break from from the single strand of web. The cloud moved slower as they tired and it got caught up in other trolling lines.  Unfortunately the sunlight shifted with the setting sun and I lost sight of the web strands and the insects. I will never know if they broke free.


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