My Wife is Officially a Redneck

Last night by my wife’s own admission she ceased to be a ‘damn Yankee’ (def: a Yankee who comes to the South and stays vs just visits) and became a redneck when she ‘harvested’ her first deer.Pat and her first deer

Her journey started back in NH when she decided to take Hunter’s Education with our older son back when he was in Boy Scouts.  She then started going upland bird hunting with me, which I sometimes call going for a walk in the woods with your dog and heavy hands (instead of weights by that name, carrying a shotgun).  In the couple of years she did it with me I do not recall her pulling the trigger on any flying bird.  She did take a shot of a bird that had roosted which is where the expression a ‘pot shot’ comes from.

She even has completed an item on her ‘bucket list’ of pheasant hunting in SD.  There she did pull the trigger but in the land of pheasants didn’t get one.  Turns out in all the excitement she forgot that she is left eye dominant and was shooting way ahead of the birds. While we had practiced shooting prior to going out, I couldn’t find it in my heart to lessen her fun in being there and let others finally work with her so it came back to her.

However, she is nothing if not persistent, so she has been out in the box stands putting in her time waiting to get a deer.  She was using a borrowed 30-30 lever action rifle (like the cowboys use in Westerns) which comes into play in the story.  A big deer came out first but turned so that she didn’t have a good shot at it, so she then turned her attention to the next one.  She got a very good shot off as the deer went down immediately. There was a third deer which my wife then took aim at buy when she squeezed the trigger nothing happened because she forgot to move the lever forward to eject the spent cartridge and crank the next bullet in.  Ah well, live and learn.

I am very pleased and proud of her accomplishment.  Way to go, dear!


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