Clay Finally Stumps Hugh Leigh

Recently as Hugh Leigh (HL) and his grand daughter and I were driving around doing assorted chores I asked HL a question to which he didn’t know the answer!  It was especially fun as we had been doing math involved with the chores with his grand daughter who is a first grader when I then asked a history question of HL.

We were driving by an historic marker for Fletcher’s Chapel on a country road where a church and cemetery were sited when I posed the query.  When he admitted he didn’t know the story of the importance of Fletcher and his chapel I said in an exaggerated voice for the sake of his grand daughter, “This is a first, I have finally asked a question that your grand father doesn’t know the answer to!”.  We backed up and went to go read the marker, well, we had the little girl try first so she could work on her reading but for various reasons I took over.  It turns out that Fletcher was a Methodist pastor who knew and was a contemporary of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church in America back in the 1830’s.  There were other Civil War references to skirmishes of importance as well.

This got HL’s interest in going through the cemetery to what families he knew in the area had loved ones burned there.  He noted that there were some significant Woodsmen tombstones (I wrote about these in a post about HL’s family cemetery awhile ago) as he called off names of long time families of the area.

When telling my wife about our adventures she said that we were doing ‘Cowboy Homeschooling’ with the first grader.


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