2015 in 2015 Is About to Be Reality!

Our new house is just about finished and ours.  You may remember my motto about the building of the house is “2015 (Old Highway 16, our new address) in 2015”


One of the last things that needs to be be done is the screened in porch that will be on the west side face of the house.  That is the small covered area on the left side of the picture above.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures of the inside – the kitchen, dining area and great room.

IMG_0425 IMG_0426 IMG_0427 IMG_0431

The fan in the living room is the Haiku model of the Big Ass Fan company.  It has some great features like having the ability to know when you enter and leave the room and turns the fan on or off, what your temperature preference is, having LED lights that don’t create heat and WHOOSH – a setting that simulates breezes that keep you cooler than just a fan setting.

I do need to take a photo of the living room from the dining area as the windows that you see above which are facing the back of the property look great overlooking our pond down the hill from the front of the house.

More soon!


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