Slow Motion Moving

Last year I wrote about slow motion cowboying and now I am experiencing slow motion moving.  It is all due to the weather.

Ever since we owned the house and could start moving in the weather has reverted to real winter and the wet season; the classic one, two punch in terms of making moving incredibly difficult.  It doesn’t help that the house is currently surrounded with what was dirt and is now mud.  Then I was getting ready to order more gravel for the road / drive way to the house but waited until the house building crews weren’t inconvenience.  Now it is too wet for the trucks to get anywhere close to the house without making a big mess of things.  Plus it is too wet to try and lay sod.

Consequently, all we have been able to do is bring boxes and totes in after carefully walking on a narrow path of tin roofing borrowed from our pig crib that has been laid on top of the mud.

Saturday it was supposed to rain hard at some point but didn’t really start until dark at which point we had more than one inch of rain.

Sunday we had another inch of rain towards the end of the day.

Monday had originally called for only a 20% chance of rain, but when the day came it was upped to 70% and that was what it did, rained 70% of the time.

This morning it is 29° and every thing outside is coated with ice.  Tomorrow they are calling for the same.

The silver lining to the whole thing is that at least we can’t overdo it in moving too much which would probably cause strained back, leg and shoulder muscles!


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