The Slow Motion Move Comes to a Stop Sign

My friend and the person responsible for me coming to Mississippi reminded me yesterday as winter was in full force down here that he had told us as we were preparing to move down here at the end of March two years ago to be careful to avoid a move in February as it was full of surprises.  He did this via a text in the morning of a day that snow was forecast for the afternoon.  Later when the snow started where he lives in Starkville he sent a picture of his back yard in the snow.  That motivated me to go take a picture or two of our new house in the snow as hopefully there won’t be that many opportunities to do so.

2015 no tire tracks 2015 Pond w Snow 2015 side view w snow

I received a reply from my previous post from a friend up north who expressed empathy but not sympathy for our situation as he is up to his elbows in snow and he is 6 foot plus (unless like me has lost an inch or two as I have gotten older).  Now we have snow, but not what we would have been facing if we stayed in NH.  However, we have had 3 ½ inches of rain in the last 3 days which would be 33 inches of snow if I remember the old 1 inch or rain equals 11 inches of snow. Now that would be Mississippi’s equalling NH’s snowfall if you ask me.


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