We Get a Green Light on Moving

After all the starts and stops last week due to weather, the sun finally came out on Friday so the big push was made to get the large items moved as more bad weather is coming in soon.  A neighbor and friend offered to help along with his truck and trailer and another friend and golfing buddy lent me his truck, too.  As our son Dan came to MS to help us move after his gem shows in AZ ended we had a good working crew. Plus, another neighbor and friend came after a class he and I had signed up for that I had to pass on due to the priority of moving.

Dan and I had already made a number of trips with regular type small items before Bruce and his truck arrived.  As we started to go for couches, etc. I felt it necessary to tell Bruce that Dan was being very protective of me from carrying to many large items due to my having had a heart attack.  When Bruce asked how long ago that was I said right after my chemo and radiation  close to 4 years ago.  Bruce was kind enough to then not let me take too much heavy stuff either.

I have a family piece, a mirrored bar, that is special to me as my father’s mother hand painted the mirrors.  There are two similar pieces that my brother has as they are painted decorative standing screens that have my father’s and his brother’s initials on them.

Mirrored Bar

It turns out to be quite heavy (empty, too!) and made for some interesting comments as to it being the heaviest mirrors any of them have ever encountered.

At the end of the day we cranked up the new stove and cooked a pizza then sat down at the dining room table in its new environs.  Here are Dan and I feeling very relaxed at the end of a good day.

First dinner at 2015


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