Bodock Hill Farm

With us now being ¾ of the way moved in we decided to name our place informally and slightly in jest after a native tree that is sort of like a “damn Yankee” as they hard to rid of.  The tree is one that I have written about before, the bodock tree.  The wood is remarkably tough and the tree has a tendency to grow near other trees and almost grown into them.  The roots spread out up to three feet before going down to find water making planting anything near them hard to do.  Bodock is a Cajun version of French for bois d’arc which I believe means monkey ball.  It is also known as the Osage Orange tree and its fruit is known as “horse apples” which resemble large oranges.  Since we are located on a small rise and have the trees behind us and down by our pond, it all sort of fits.

Meanwhile, it ‘snowed’ or at least sleeted the other day and finally I was able to take pictures from inside the house. And, yes, there is a ‘fire’ in the fireplace or at least a gas facsimile of the same.

IMG_0066 IMG_0439


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