Another Glitch in Moving that Turns into a Mystery Involving the Prince and King’s Daughter Hospital (KDH)

It started about 3 weeks ago when I thought I felt a recurrence of a swollen gland thing I had at the start of the new year.  It never got very far, so I didn’t go to the Dr back then.  It seemed a little like TMJ that I had been diagnozed for 3 years ago up north. As it so happened I was already scheduled to go to the dentist and my ENT Dr, so I just thought it out.  After each appt when neither doc called anything out, I told them about my situation and the ENT doc did say it might be TMJ and he gave me instructions on a protocol to follow for 10 days.  I decided I would do it after the move since we were behind schedule on that event.
Last weekend my pain was increasing so I decided on Monday I needed to get to the doc.  There was one appt that day but for what seemed like a good idea at the time involving the new house but Patty was suffering her own recurrence of her nasal thing of a couple of weeks ago, I let her have that appt.  By the time of my afternoon appt the next day my neck had blossomed anew to what felt like 3 times its size.
The doc and I decided on a 3 day antibiotic protocol of shots after which it might be necessary to continue it in the hospital with an IV drip.  I was admitted into the hospital on Thursday early evening and have been on IV drip ever since. As almost any body who has ever been in a hospital realizes, time slows down immensely which to  a great degree is a good thing. Finally, after being on the drip for 3 + days whatever has settled in my jaw relented just a bit.
This made my doctor confirm a preliminary diagnosis that what I have is another form of a “stone”. Instead of being in my kidney, mine is my jaw.
 I will be kept over night most likely as then the results of the tests will be in plus they want to do a CT scan to see which salivary gland is blocked and what the hey, what’s one more night?

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