The Prince Returns to Bobdock Hill Farm

With the mystery solved regarding my jaw, my time at King’s Daughters Hospital winded down the other day so I was discharged from the hospital to return home.  I spent a total of 5 nights on the IV so it was wonderful to be tether free. It was a little bit of heaven to simply sit on the front porch the morning after being released and just soak in nature and a regular routine at home.

There is plenty to do now that I am back on the ‘farm’ as any and all moving came to a screeching halt due to Pat being with me every day.  I do need a day or two to simply get back into the swing of things as I realized while in the hospital that I over did the moving which may have brought my jaw infection on.

Our ‘farm’ is very nice; this morning after getting coffee I stood at our bedroom window and watched an egret down at the pond doing his walk on the shoreline and then dart his head down to catch fish in a light fog.

All is right with the world.


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