A Different Kind of Sweetheart

In helping Hugh Leigh with various chores he often refers to the chain he is using as a ‘sweetheart’ chain.  When I finally realized that I needed a chain to use around the yard to pull things out of trouble, drag things to the burn pile, etc.  I went  to Benton Farm Supply and asked for a sweetheart chain.  Silence.  I could see him looking like, “Where do Yankees come up with such crazy terms?”.  Then I explained that it was Hugh Leigh who explained that it was grade up from the starting chain strength.  “Oh, Hugh Leigh has more expressions for things that no one else has ever used”.

When I told HL about my experience at Farm Supply he laughed and told me where the term originated.  His father always carried a chain around when farming that he could sling around his neck if need be and called it his ‘sweetheart’.  He almost never let anyone else use his chain as when you lend an item to someone it often never gets back to you or is not in the same condition as when you lent it out. Not even his son was allowed to use it with out supervision of his dad.

Now I have a nine foot length of sweetheart chain and I can be seen wearing it like bling, although I almost tie it around my neck like a necktie.  I find uses for it almost ever time I go out in the yard.


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