Daisy Unknowingly Shares a Moment with Me

One of the things about our new home that the dogs love is the long windows in each room of the first floor.  They ‘patrol’ the house looking into various windows when we are home to determine where we are and what we are doing.  Since we don’t have curtains up yet (as we like the view so we are in no rush as privacy is not a concern) it is sort of funny to have them checking up on us. Of course, we also get to check up on them, too. I arose just before 6 this morning and after getting a cup of coffee settled back into bed with my computer on my lap with a great pre-dawn view of the pond.  Right outside my window came Daisy (our yellow lab) and she sat down with her back to me admiring the same view I had.  Geese started to honk as two of them flew out towards the pond so Daisy perked up her ears.  Then she yawned to fully wake herself up as Lily (the black lab) came around the corner and the two of them sauntered off to the other end of the front porch. What a nice start to the day.


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