A Wine Story or Two; Well Maybe Three


As we preparing to leave New Hampshire for Mississippi our neighbors the Brouillette’s came over for dinner and brought a bottle of wine.  It was my favorite wine – Stag’s Leap.  Wayne knew that as a result of my medical issue cabarnet wine, which is my wine of choice, was a little harsh on my throat but he said that it would be a great way to celebrate when everything returned to normal.  While my taste buds still find many things too intense to eat or drink, a cause for celebration presented itself when our younger son came to help us move into our new house.

The night began with a story of how I discovered Stag’s Leap for the first time and how his mother was in on the ‘find’ (which for brevity’s sake I will not go into as then I am into a fourth story).  Then I reviewed for Dan who gave me the wine and that his visit was a cause for celebration. As we enjoyed the wine I told him a story of another father and son who developed a shared passion for the same wine and my involvement in the beginning of that story.

I had a customer who was also a distributor for 3M who 3M had decided to end the business relationship with so I took him out for a final dinner as I had a great working relationship with him.  I introduced him to Stag’s Leap and it became his favorite wine.  When I had dinner with him year’s later he told me how he introduced his son to Stag’s Leap when he graduated college and that it is now his son’s favorite wine.

Perhaps the same will happen for Dan and I.


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