Where or Where Do the Calla Lilies Go?

A little while ago while buying patio stones for a yet to be completed project I bumped into Calla lilies and decided to buy some.  Then the big question is where to plant them.  Gigi suggested putting them into one of her horse vitamin buckets and then trying them out in different spots as they need direct sunlight in the morning but shade the rest of the day, in addition to needing moisture.

We have some trees down in front of the house on the way to the pond which seems promising as the drainage off the tiny hill we are on would provide additional moisture as the water flows to the pond.  Boy, was that right as we got tons of rain this spring, so much that a temporary pond would form in front of the trees after each rain storm.

Here is picture of the lilies with the house in the back ground.


I might still move them down by the pond as when the dry summer time comes, they will still want moisture.


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