The “Old” Husky Needs a New Belt

Earlier this spring, in between the rain storms, we went out to mow on our two Huskies (Husqvarna brand lawn tractors).  My wife was on the older one, which has 48 inch cutting swath vs the new one which is 52 inches, and right as we were finishing I could hear a change in what she was doing and I realized her mower was not working.  The belt for the mower deck had given out.

I have changed one on the Sears model we had back in NH so I thought I would give this one a try.  However, like learning things on a computer, if you don’t use it you lose it.  I even forgot to bring the old belt, or find out its part number when going to get the new belt.  I gave them my model number and was given a 60 inch belt.  I tried to protest that it was too big but got talked into taking it as I could “always bring it back”.

I read the directions (see the link if you dare) and went to work.


I quickly got intimidated and realized that the man at the golf club where I play might be of assistance.  When he came over he quickly informed me that belt was the wrong one.  As Husky has common part numbers inside the tractor engine hood, I went off with at least the right part number to get the replacement.  Four retail stores later I had my belt.

My ‘helper’ returned and we got to work.  As he was not that accustomed with Huskies we broke down and referred to the instructions.  It was a good thing I had him as getting the mower deck out from under the tractor was a wrestling match that we won.  Then after solving the puzzle of how the new belt went around the various pulleys and idling arms, it was time to put the TENSION spring back on.  It must take a lot of practice to do it by oneself as we struggled mightily to put the thing on with out hurting ourselves.  We settled on a price for his help and he was on his way.

I tried mowing with it today and am impressed with how much better it cuts.


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