Let the Landscaping Begin!

The first project I decided we needed to address was the bank on the north side of the driveway.  Besides being barren dirt, the rain run off was starting to cause erosion on the bank itself and down the edge of the driveway at the base of the bank.

IMG_0442 IMG_0444

Seeing as it would be difficult to mow, regular grass was out.  Gigi recommended Monkey Grass, a hardy grass that is often used as a cover that needs little care and can also be used as a edging to hold gravel on roads from its desire to use gravity’s pull to spread itself beyond the road bed.  As I wanted a little color in there as well, lavender seemed to be a good choice, and its pleasant smell would be a dividend.  Fortunately, Gigi knows a woman in town that specializes in helping out on landscape projects so the game was on.

Here is the ‘finished’ project.

IMG_0477 IMG_0476

Hmm, I seem to have more work to do on the top of the bank but the bank itself looks pretty good.  The lavender is in 4 circles spaced about 15 feet apart on the bank. However, we are learning the hard way that too much sun might be a deal breaker for the lavender as some of the plants haven’t made it, even though we have had some big rain storms on top of daily watering.

The rain run off has been mitigated a fair amount but big rain falls still cause little mini flash floods.  The situation wasn’t that way when we first moved in, but a small farmhouse on the property next door is being renovated and the new tin roof works way to well, as the water used to go through the house and into the ground instead of running off towards our driveway. The solution is to have a berm built on our property line that will divert the water northwards and towards the back of our property which is much lower than where our house is located.


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