And My Pat Takes it to the Power of Three

Yesterday while attending the 90th birthday of one of Gigi’s relatives, I was reminded of something that I should have written about it when I first heard of it as it is so unusual. In out little hamlet of 850 there were already two women, who are unrelated, named Pat Ellis.  When he moved her, my Pat brought the total to 3 women with the same name in the same town.

I learned of the first one when going to the bank branch when have in town and met the teller, Patricia Ellis.

The other Pat Ellis lives around the corner on the same street as our friends the Mathews, but the mailbox only shows Ellis on it.

My wife discovered the third when going to the dentist the first time and he expected to see the Davey Street Pat Ellis and not the New Hampshirite sitting in the dental chair.

It also turns out that there are a whole lot of Ellis’ that live in Mississippi.  However, as my branch of Ellis’ are mainly up in Indiana, I am unaware of any connections to any of the branches here.  I suppose some Indianans’ might have stayed down here after the war between the states but I have confirmation of that fact.


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