A Shameless Plug for RFD-TV

While we were in NH for the last couple of years, my wife kept waiting for the cable network to provide RFD-TV in one of their line ups to no avail.  Once we got down here, it was one of the first things we took care of when selecting TV service coverage. For those of you who never seen it, its focus is agriculture and rural life.  While Pat was immediately in love with it and it has replaced the Weather Channel as her go to station, it has grown on me slowly. As a cattle farmer, it does provide me with education that I am sorely in need of that reinforces and goes beyond what HughLeigh has taught me.

This weekend while watching it I caught their new tag line: Connecting the Country with the City.  As ‘urban farming’ has grown over the years, it is a perfect motto of a station for framer wannabes.



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