A Toad in the Bedroom

It started Monday evening when I mentioned to my wife that instead of checking her shoes and boots each time she wanted to put on foot coverings that she has on the porch for things that can crawl in overnight she should store them in the utility room.  She dutifully shook each pair out and put them in the store room.

Yesterday morning while getting ready for breakfast she went into the utility room and there was a toad in the middle of the floor.  She brought this to my attention and I said we would take care of it after breakfast.

As breakfast was so good I managed to forget about the toad and I went towards our bedroom to prepare for the day when I was met with the sight of a toad sitting on our white carpet in the middle of the room.  When I called for Pat to help capture it I also asked how it got there to which she replied, “It must have crawled under the door”.  Seeing as there is no direct way to go from the utility room into our bedroom I pondered how the toad could crawl under the door fro the utility room into our dining area, hop past us while we were eating for the 25 to 30 feet to get around or under where we eat to get to the bedroom.  I concluded that was how good breakfast was!

In retrospect I wish I had the presence of mind to take a picture but things sometimes happen too quickly to remember to take pictures.

Being a prince I put on some work gloves to pick up the toad, as we all know that you get warts from toads, and carried him outside to our waiting dogs.  Since I have never seen either dog abuse a toad, I felt save putting the toad on the lawn in front of the porch.

That evening when Hugh Leigh and Gigi drove up to visit in their Gator (a 4 passenger all terrain vehicle made by John Deere) we shared the story with them.  As HL has a story for any occasion, he shared his one reptile experience being in a house that happened when he was about 8 years old.  Here is an abbreviated version of the story:  One summer morning he rose early enough that he could have turned on a light to be able to see as he walked over to the wall where he had a map on the wall under which he kept his three pair of cowboy boots and reached out to the one he would wear for the day when instead of grabbing just he rim of the boot top he grabbed the neck of a garter snake. Both he and the snake were quite surprised.  HL reactively threw the boot across the room and it bounced off the wall.  The snake zoomed away from the boot and back the way it got into the room.  HL took measures to make sure the snake wouldn’t come back stuffing the hole where it came in with toilet paper and went on with the day.


One thought on “A Toad in the Bedroom

  1. Love this story. Brian’s favorite French word is crapaud (pronounced “crappo”) and it means toad. He was always making up French sentences using it, and would have been thrilled to say “Le crapaud est dans ma chambre” ( The toad is in my bedroom)

    PS – what was in that breakfast?

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