An Evening Meander with the Mathews

The other evening, on the eve of the toad in the bedroom and after a fairly full day of golf, we were sitting on our front porch with simply a great display of clouds over our pond.


Note: if you look closely you can see the reflection of the trees and the light of the sky off the pond.

Our dogs started up with the bark they do when they hear Hugh Leigh’s Gator coming and a couple of seconds later the Gator appeared at the turn on the rise above our house over by the ‘garden’ (veggies, that is).  At the wheel was their soon to be 10-year-old grand-daughter and it made its way right in front of us on the porch.  We climbed in and all drove down into the shade of a tree in front of the pond so all of us could not only be in the shade, but on level ground as when they pull up they are on the side hill of the house site at about a 10° angle which doesn’t seem like much until you have a conversation sitting in the Gator at that angle.  They invited us to go for a ride with them to see the “big Black” (river) water level as with all the rain the water level was still near or at flood stage. We said yes and so each respective party made final preparations before the start of the meander.

On the way down to the Black we passed the land they own in Bentonia where they grow the grass used for hay for both the horses and cows, and from the road we could a few deer on the property next door.  We got to the Black and it wasn’t quite as bad as were expecting so HL started to make a u-turn to head back to their land when Gigi said from the back seat that the last time the water was this high is when everyone at deer camp that hunting season got 10 point bucks as they were forced out of their normal haunts close to the Black and they were literally bumping into each other in fields they were unfamiliar with at the beginning of hunting season.

As now it was getting close to full dusk, when the deer really start coming out to forage, we could see more deer than before in the neighbors fields as we started to slow down to pull into HL’s land.  I had finagled having our dogs come along in the back of the truck and when I got out to unlock the gate to the land had to settle them down as they “über” excited.  HL, who has leased the hunting rights to his land to the neighbor, now has greater access to the neighbors field and we drove through a small opening of trees that separate the two properties and were treated to the sight of dozens and dozens of brown backs of deer foraging on the hundreds of acres of open land.  A few of the young yearlings closest to us raised their heads to check out us interlopers but were unfazed by our appearance.  HL and Gigi estimated that at a minimum there were over 100 deer in front of us and maybe close to 200.

It was an amazing sight. Even awe-inspiring in the truest sense of the word.


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