Magpie “Firsts”

I have been fortunate enough to have met 3 men who have been playing golf together for 35 years to have me join them as they  walk the course (as golf is meant to be played) versus riding around in golf carts.  They do it for health reasons now and while I prefer walking to riding, walking is good for my health as well.  They call themselves the ‘magpies’ as they are good enough to shoot in 80’s they still have an occasional bad (magpie) hole right after a good one.  I have been playing with them twice a week for the better part of 2 years now and on our most recent round we had what they realized were two firsts.

The first happened on the front 9 on a par 5 hole where all 4 of us got on the green in 3, which is known as being on in regulation (par minus the 2 putts which are expected so one can make par).  Then, we all got birdies (one under par).  No one could remember the last time that happened, if ever.

front 9

After finishing the back 9 another unusual event was noted; we all ended up with the same score for 18 holes!

back 9

While my score shows my net score, even with the 6 stroke handicap I have, the gross score of 84 is still a great score for me.

The best part of the experience for me was that my younger son has come to visit us and was out with me for the first 9 holes and shared the front nine first with me.


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