Another Magpie Golf “Cart”astrophy!

As written about before, we Magpies normally walk the 18 hole course we play.  While some people actually carry their clubs, most people either use a pull cart that the bag sits on or more recently there are push carts which are even easier to use than the traditional pull carts.  All of us use push carts and one of the fun things about using them is you can roll them on their own down small hills, making it easier to walk, but does have the potential hazard of a cart going in a direction of its own choosing or hitting a small bump and going over on its side.

A while ago, one of our members who had recently switched from a pull to a push cart let his cart go and it went right towards a small ditch on the side of the fairway and to his dismay went right into the ditch and found the only water in the ditch.  We were all laughing so hard we forgot to take a picture.  Then we felt so guilty about laughing we all helped dry off every club  and accessory in his bag.

Just the other week during one of our mini-breaks we take as we go by the club house, someone noticed that one other player’s cart was being blown by the wind towards the big lake on the course.  The player instantly popped up and ran out the door, only to see his cart going off the parking lot and down the hill towards the lake.  He ran as fast as he could, but the cart reached the lake before he did and his cart went into the “drink”.  The mini-break then got extended as the drying process was needed for all his clubs, etc.

Our sheepish cart chaser admitted that he had forgotten to put the brake on the cart the way he almost always does so when the wind picked up he got sort of what he deserved.

Who’s next?


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