Coach Clay?

Starting about a year ago or more I thought about volunteering to re-activate the golf team at the Benton Academy (BA) – the private school here in Benton.  Then when I learned that one of the Cub Scout fathers sits on the board of the school I started to get serious.  He liked the idea and said he would bring it up at one of the monthly meetings.  Not hearing from him, after a while I took the bull by the horns and went to see the headmaster, Steve Flemming, at the school to pitch my idea.  He liked it and gave me the go ahead. Soon after I met a fellow Benton Country Club member who has a son in BA who had heard of my idea and he volunteered to help me and said that he knew of other fathers that would do the same.

Seeing as the school year has recently started Steve and I discussed whether I would start the practices now or wait until Spring when the golf teams actually start to play.  I opted to start now not knowing how many kids know how to play golf or if they have played as teams so our team would be better prepared to start the season for us.

I was wildly surprised to find out that 25 boys and girls (well, only 2 girls) signed up for the team.  We have had an initial meeting and one full practice session to date.

Plus, at our first practice the boys brought me an official BA Raiders shirt!


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