What I did with my August / September Vacation

My adventure from the Spring continued regarding my jaw infection.  It was finally determined to be caused by a tooth (or two) and that extraction of at least one of them had to be done.  Unfortunately for me that meant having to go through hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) again.  The radiation used to take care of the tongue cancer I had resulted in a baby molar needing to be extracted shortly after I finished the radiation treatments while we were still in NH.  The protocol is do 20 “dives” before oral surgery and then 10 more “dives” afterwards.  They are called dives because the HBOT’s started off being used mainly to treat the bends – what SCUBA divers and others need if they ascend to the surface to quickly. One is put in a chamber and goes down in an oxygen rich environment for 2 hours.  You actually take an air break where you use a mask to inhale regular air for 5 minutes half way through the dive as 100% oxygen is toxic.

Here is a picture of the chamber and the respiratory therapist that monitors my dive.

0817151048a 0817151048

I finished my 20 dives on my birthday which was on September 8th.


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