What a Busy Monday

Now that my mornings are my own I may have overdone it on the first Monday that is back to normal.

It started before dawn with my suiting up to go hunting for the first time with my new crossbow (x-bow from now on).  I was up at 5 a.m. and set up after a couple of cups of coffee at 6 a.m..  It was a beautiful morning with the morning star (Venus) and also Jupiter aligned with the moon in the east.  I watched the blue herons fly in, circle and then come to the pond for their morning meal of fish and or frogs.

As the traffic on Old Hwy 16 picked up as dawn approached at 6:30 I realized that the deer were probably not coming in to the pond from the site I was situated in and so I went in for breakfast about 15 minutes after sunrise.

I knew Hugh Leigh was coming over about 9 to help to spread my clay gravel mix in front of the ‘garshop’ so I had time to investigate over sites around the pond before he came over and had an interesting time finding likely sites.

Once Hugh Leigh arrived with his tractor the real work began.  While he dragged the gravel mix I and others shoveled and raked the mix to fill in the gaps.  Then, HL suggested I pull out my chain saw to trim limbs that were over head of the new road to the garshop that needed more of the gravel mix and it would make it much easier for the trucks to bring in the mix if the trimming was done.

After a great lunch of fried chicken done by a local place in Benton for all of us, it was nap time.

Then I had to prepare for the golf team practice.  The practice sometimes lasts until dusk, but due to 9 week exams and a planned steak dinner for me, the practice ended at 6 pm.  Eight team members showed up for practice and we had a putting contest first, followed by teams going out and playing ‘zoo’ golf.  The goal of zoo golf is to have the fewest number of animals in the zoo at the end of the round. Hit it into the woods and it is a Bear.  Into the water and it is a Fish.  Three putt and it is a snake. Finally, if it goes out-of-bounds (normally a 2 stroke penalty in regular golf) it is a Tiger” and the tiger will eat you if you go out-of-bounds.

My steak dinner was great. And then I gave into exhaustion and went to bed.


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