Not so easy come; easy go?

I have been playing golf with the same men for over two years who call themselves the Magpies.  They have a tradition of awarding the player with the low score of the day a putter used by a former Magpie named Joe Dan who is now deceased in keeping the memory of Joe Dan alive.  The great thing about the putter is that Joe Dan bought it at a yard sale for $3, yet used it so effectively on the green that he won many a round.  In all the time I have played with the Magpies I have never achieved the low score of the day until this past Tuesday.  Now the truth be told, they do spot me 5 strokes per round as official handicaps are not used in our golf rounds.  However, even with the 5 strokes it has taken me a year and a half to earn the right to own the putter until the next round.

Joe Dan Putter07102015  (hmm, this is a link to a pdf of the scorecard vs the picture of the scorecard I thought it would be.)

And here is the presentation by the previous round’s winner: Lonnie, the “Scrambler” Graeber.

Joe Dan Putter

When I went to play on Thursday I brought the putter with me should it be needed to present to that day’s winner, but lo and behold somehow I pulled it off again and kept the putter!


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