Slow Motion Cowboying Speeds Up

Two years ago I wrote a post about slow motion cowboying (it took me by surprise that it was that long ago).  It was all about moving hay from where it is grown to a pasture where it is needed.  Due to the tractors and trailers involved it moves at 18 MPH.  However, Hugh Leigh just bought a new trailer that is an amazing piece of engineering in that it has the capability to off-load the hay bales / rolls by itself vs having to use a tractor with an industrial strength pitch fork to do the job.

The result is that the trailer can be pulled at 55 MPH to its destination and the tractor doesn’t have to move from where the hay needs to be loaded.

Here is HL when the trailer pulled in from OK where he and Gigi went to haul it back.


Now we are down where the hay is and HL has loaded 5 bales onto the new trailer.



This may not work, but here is a link to a video that is in a dropbox to compress the file and make it easier to send as it is so big.

It show the unloading of the trailer whereby the bales are rolled off the right side.  Very slick.


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