Our Poor Pond πŸ˜₯

The drought here is taking its toll in many ways to many people so while I am in plenty of good company, it still amazes me what has happened to our pond.

I had the two ends deepened the year we moved down here and it has been written about at the time is a couple of ways that it impacted our dogs, our grass and even generated a business idea.

Here is what it looks like today –

20151020_163224The approach isn’t too bad as you can see water.

20151020_163247 20151020_163316

The picture on the left is the right end of the pond that was deepened and had a dead bodock tree put into it for ‘structure’ for the fish to hide from other fish and predators. Β On the right, this was simply a shallow part of the former cattle pond.

20151020_163345 20151020_163417

Here is the left side of the pond which had also been dug out.

20151020_163429Nature is always hard at work, so plants are encroaching on what had been the pond.

Supposedly we are getting three inches of rain this coming week. Boy, do we need it.


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