A Father and Son Road Trip that includes a Trophy

Last week my son and I finally pulled off a hunting trip to Missouri that we have been talking about doing for a couple of years.  As it was the archery season it meant that I needed a bow which I had to go out and buy but what the heck, I can use it here, too.

He lives in Colorado and had yet one more adventure driving through Kansas involving an auto part that would be hard to find on a Saturday afternoon as most parts places close at noon on Saturdays.  He did get it done fairly quickly so he was able to keep his chance to stay with a friend in MO that night as we were to arrive at the hunting lodge on Sunday afternoon.

The weather in MO was not overly conducive to hunting that week as it was unseasonably warm.  The deer became lethargic and very few of the 20 hunters in camp saw many deer, let alone bucks that were shooters.

Andy and I actually didn’t get to spend all that much time together as the mornings started at 4 a.m. and then most days we wouldn’t see each other until about 6:30 that evening. By the time we ate I was ready for bed because it started all over again the next morning at 4.  It turns out archery hunters are much more serious and focused than gun hunters as there was virtually no one that stayed up late, drank much or did poker games because of the hours required in the stands.

Finally on Friday the temperatures dropped somewhat and the deer started to move. The temperatures dropped even more on Saturday, which was scheduled to be our last day of hunting.  I only hunted in the morning as I had a solo 9 hour drive on Sunday to get home, but Andy stayed out all day.  He was rewarded with a great hunt.  He was surrounded by deer all seeking and chasing each other.  There was so much action going on he lost count of the deer as some of them would be returning after a while.  He had been hunting for practically all of September in CO for elk, but never had a chance to pull back on anything let alone have an arrow fly at an elk.  He had his chance that night and here is trophy –

Andy 1st bow 2

It qualifies as a Pope & Young entry as it scores 131 and the scoring starts at 130.  It is a 10 pointer. And it is the first deer taken with his new bow and the first harvest of anything with a bow.

Fortunately, he had an uneventful drive home through Kansas.


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