Magpies in Paradise (of the Golfing kind)

With one day’s rest from hunting in Missouri, I was off to go on a golfing vacation with the Magpies.  Two of the crew have condo’s on the Gulf Shore so that was our destination.  We made a stop in the Hattiesburg area to play at a course in Collins to warm up as they have been doing it for years.

After golf we continued on our way with a stop in Mobile at The Original Oyster House for dinner.  What a great way to start a round of wonderful eating for the week.

As I found out the next day, breakfast is almost always at Hazel’s Seafood as they put out a wonderful buffet breakfast.  We discovered that on Veteran’s Day breakfast if free for Veterans and one in our midst did serve and so got served this morning for free.  Three trips later we were all done and ready to go back and take naps as our tee time wasn’t until 12:23.

When we showed up at Glenlakes Golf Course it was a hopping place.  Turns out they had a veteran’s day special so the course was busier than we were expecting.  However, with a minor course adjustment (hmm, that is a golfing pun that I only realized once I typed it), we had a great round of golf.

I did have a Magpie first on the trip on the next day’s round at Perdido Bay Golf Course,  On a tricky par 4 with the green protected by water we had all taken fairly cautious 2nd shots so our 3rd shots would have a better than average chance of getting onto the green.  However, my third shot was a “worm burner” that just whizzed over the fairway in a gently right curve until it hit Jerry’s ball in the middle of the fairway.  His ball banked off 90° for a few feet while my ball arced up to the left going into the water outside the left edge of the fairway.  So much for a safe shot!  Every one laughed like crazy as no one had ever seen that shot before.

One more great dinner at an old local favorite and two more breakfasts and one more fun round of golf and we were on our way home from paradise.


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