A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Recently our older son got engaged to a lovely young woman and it was decided that it would be a great way for us to meet her parents and them to meet us by having Thanksgiving in Andy’s house in Leadville, CO.  As her parents are dog people (she breeds and raises golden retrievers) that we would bring along our yellow lab as well.

We took a leisurely route through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico to get to Leadville.  We even took the time to stop in Amarillo at the American Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame and museum as Gigi Mathews raises quarter horses and I thought it would be fun to learn more about them.  It was worth it and Pat enjoyed it, too.

Her parents, Tom and Deb, are clearly the reason she is so lovely as they are very nice people.  Pat and Deb had already been talking on the phone and texting prior to our meeting them and are like two peas in a pod.  Tom and Andy have it off nicely as they both have diesel trucks and do a lot in the outdoors.

We have broken bread together quite a few times and everyone just gets getting a long better and better.  Thanksgiving dinner was as good as it should be with everyone contributing one recipe that was new to the others.

The only “glitch” was that the stuffing which was to be served at Andy’s request never made it to the table in all the hubbub in a small kitchen.  He has been promised it will be made today in time to be put on the day after turkey sandwiches.

We have even played Jenga and Pictograph!

Now off for more fun.


2 thoughts on “A New Thanksgiving Tradition

    • Well, for the most part. Although mostly it has to do with it being hunting season and I figure not everyone wants to hear about me sitting in the woods pondering my navel while waiting for a deer to show up. Unfortunately none have shown up during hunting hours since before Thanksgiving.
      Thanks for checking in! I have been thinking about giving up the blog as the point was not always to be about me but interesting things in MS.

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