From “Livestock Banquet” to the Kudzu Krewe Ball in 24 Hours

Now that deer hunting season is winding down, the local social season is picking back up. The first is a family affair done mainly for children who are active in farm life.  A weekend of showing various cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens starts with a dinner to award the Kings and Queens of different age groups based upon their attainment of certain criteria which is beyond my pay scale.

From toddlers to tottering grandparents the gymnasium of Benton Academy is pretty well filled of people from the surrounding area.  A fine feast of pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw and choice of desserts are enjoyed before the awards.

We went last year at the invitation of Hugh Leigh and Gigi and liked it so much that we went on our own this year.  Someone we go to church with was there and told me that they have been coming to the event for 30 years.  I am not even sure that they have grandchildren or great-grandchildren coming to the event anymore.

Then, 24 hours later it was time to put on the tuxedo I bought for my wedding 33 years ago to be off to the Krewe Ball.  I hadn’t been able to wear my tuxedo for quite a while until recently when I lost quite a bit of weight while battling cancer and find it fun to come up with reasons to wear it.  I forego the tie and bought a collarless tux shirt due finding wearing neckwear still bothers my neck.


The Krewe ball is a more laid back pre-Mardi Gras event held as a fundraiser for the Preservation Yazoo Society intended to support keeping historic houses that survived the great fire of 1904 viable.

The great thing about this event is that there is a great mix of young married adults and us seasoned citizens.  It is held in what was the Manchester Hotel that is no longer a functioning hotel but an event center.  Its ballroom is properly huge and the stair case up to it is properly grand.

The band this year was more New Orleans than R&B and they did a limbo contest.  One young woman got under the bar when it was fairly low with her 4 inch heels on! Later I found out that she is a yoga teacher. Naturally, after taking off her heels she won the contest.

As Pat and I had played golf earlier that day, it was a fairly short evening for us as there was no way we were going to last until midnight.


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