The Prince Channels His Inner Native American Instincts

When very young Ernest Thompson Seton was one of my favorite authors.  He wrote about woodcrafts and all things involving Indian life even to the way they walk versus how Europeans walk.  I went so far as to make an Indian head-dress and leggings.  Recently I got to go ‘native’ when I realized that I could clear a lot low meadow grass and weeds by doing controlled burns around our property just like the Indians used to do to improve the hunting habitat when the overgrowth made it necessary.

Much to my delight and surprise the burn not only went well but it was incredibly orderly.  A number of times the fires went out at right angles making 90° turns.  As a Virgo, it made me very happy.


Then this morning as I looked over Pat’s shoulder at one of her new favorite cook books based upon one of her favorite shows on RFD-TV, Pioneer Woman, and there was a picture of her husband also doing a prescribed burn!


I must admit his flames are higher than how high my flames went.


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