The Crown Restaurant

Source: The Crown Restaurant

Friday was a busy day as we went to a birthday luncheon about an hour north of us in the town that has the B.B. King museum for my best friend’s wife (Pat) and her older sister that were born on the same day 3 years apart. Their younger sister is the wife of Hugh Leigh both of whom I have written quite a bit about over the soon to be last three years.

Pat had discovered the restaurant when it was out-of-town in a building that was in the middle of a cotton field with a couple of her friends not long after getting married to George, who is the reason that I (we) finally ended up in Mississippi.

It started off as an antique store that started serving food.  Over time as it grew it relocated into town.  It is still a combination art store, antique store and restaurant.  It has a great reputation as a restaurant and a fabulous dessert buffet for just $2 extra along with your meal.  Well worth the travel time to and fro to experience great cooking and ambience.

It was a ‘significant’ birthday for Pat and we all had a good time. George has only recently retired from the ministry and he was in a particularly jovial mood that can come soon after retirement.

Interestingly enough, there are a total of 12 restaurants in Indianola due to the tourist traffic associated with the museum and the blues places in the area.

Later that day my wife and I had another event to attend but that is a separate story.


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