40 Years Later the Prince Gets to Old Tucson

This past week I visited with my son who was in Tucson for the yearly gem & mineral show.  I realized as I was flying out there that I haven’t been to Tucson since the days when I worked for American Airlines, which is 40+ years ago.  At that time I had an opportunity to go to Old Tucson, a replica of the original Tucson and also a Hollywood cite for many western movies and TV shows starting with the movie Arizona in 1938 with William Holden and Jean Arthur for you movie buffs.  However I never did it.

Dan, who is turning 26 this July, wanted to come out to see the show and how he does business.  I liked the idea as he has been at the gem & mineral business for a few years but the only show I have gone with him before is the Jackson mineral show which pleasantly surprised him in its scope and importance. He both buys and sells things at the shows to use obtain his raw materials and to raise capital to run his business.  However, he made time so we could spend free time doing things together.

He had visiting the Pima Air & Space museum in on the agenda and I added Old Tucson as I like history and the movies. Old Tucson is located about 25 miles west of Tucson in the Saguaro National Forest.


Here is the program of events at Old Tucson, of which we did a few but mainly walked around.

Old Tucson14022016

From there we drove to the air museum which is huge.  Between walking around in the hangars and then outside around the ‘bone yard’ it is a 2 ½ mile walk.  Lots of volunteers are at various displays and give tours who as current or former aviators are very knowledgable.  Here I am taxi-ing around in a biplane.



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