A Leap Day Meander and Golf

Well, Leap Day 2016 was very eventful.  It started with getting the MG-B operating for the season by getting a new battery for it.  I decided to take advantage of the fact that the Benton Farm Supply store is also a NAPA dealer.  Plus, I decided that if the auto stores in Yazoo City install the batteries as part of the purchase price then Farm Supply would, too.  Fortunately, Hugh Leigh was willing to follow me in his truck as I was dropping off the MG for them to do when they could.  From there the meander started.

We started by feeding and checking out the cows and their new calves.  Of my 5 cows I am up to 4 calves as my newest cow got breed a little later and will have her calf in about 2 to 3 months.  Three of them are ash colored and one, the bull calf, is black.  The bull calf will have to be sold but I will need to decide if I am keeping the females to grow my herd or to take advantage of the high price of beef and sell them.

Then, it being almost Spring, Hugh Leigh was in a mood to check out the Delta. We drove down Midway Road which drops down from the hills into the Delta.  Just last week Hugh Leigh had gotten “lost” off of a road named Money Sunk even though he has been driving around there for over 45 years as they changed a couple of road names which got him turned around quite a bit.  To regain his mastery of the area we drove around it again yesterday. We passed one of the larger remaining catfish farms in the Delta.  There was a pile of small blue and white barrels with openings on one end which are used for the catfish to lay their eggs in as if they were in the river and finding holes in the river banks to do it in the wild.

We drove along the top of the levee bordering the Yazoo River on a gravel road until we came to a road closed sign.  Hugh Leigh was tempted to keep driving but has gotten a little wiser with age so back on the regular road we went.  The road led to a big brick home so we turned around and started for home.

I got an invitation to a ‘dinner’ of wild rabbit stew and dumplings.  Rabbit season had just ended and a neighbor, Fred Pepper, had given HL a couple of rabbits, the first of which had been cooked on the grill and the rest boiled and deboned.  I had called Pat to join us and after picking up the MG drove and picked her up and then we rejoined HL.

It was a great lunch (dinner) finished up with chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

After a quick nap I texted my Benton Academy golf team to tempt them out to play golf on Leap Day as for whatever reason though they want to be on the team they haven’t coming out to practice since the Fall.  Although only one player showed up, we plowed into it as I learned that he really has no idea how to play the game.  I give the guy credit he listened and did what I asked of him and by the end was hitting a 9 iron with great arc and distance.

We finished the day with ‘Catfish Allison’ which is baked in the oven but comes out as if sautéed and finished off with a little melted cheese topping.


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