The Prettiest Polling Place in Yazoo County

As part of my civic duty I work the polls for various elections, although truth be told it does pay enough to take the two of us out to a nice dinner.  For the first time I actually worked at the polling place in Benton which is located in our fire department building.

Not that long after opening for the day someone, after voting, backed up over the water pipes close to the road and drove away not noticing the fountain that they had created.


With the morning rush hour voters off to work, we took the opportunity to pose in front of the fire house.


After that things were pretty uneventful.  However, I am happy to report a big turn out for a primary (although more so for the Republicans).

That evening after the polls closed I saw the publisher of the Yazoo Herald and showed him the pictures.  He liked my idea of using them in a light hearted manner for a post election edition of the paper.


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