My Herd Grows this Year

With all the rain this spring it has been difficult to check out my new calves.  Of course, after being born they are hidden away by their momma for a while and don’t really join the herd for about a week.  Then it is difficult to determine which calf belongs to which cow unless you are there when the calves are ‘milking’ their mothers.

Here are some photos of my new gang: One tawny colored, two ash colored and one black bull calf.

The tawny is the one in the middle of the photo on the left.  In the photo on the right they are the calves in the middle of the photo with the bull calf in-between the ash colored calves.

My final cow isn’t due for another month or two as she was breed later than the other four cows.

I will need to sell the bull calf as we already have a bull for the herd, let alone we need to new genes in the pool.


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