Blue Bird House for Rent

Pat got us started ‘building’ housing for blue birds back in NH and we continue the program down here.  While we were renting I threw one of the blue bird houses on a cycle fence hoping it would entice a family to move in.  Pat didn’t think it would work, but it did.

Now that we in our new digs I put the bluebird house on a ‘true’ fence post on the old pig crib that is on our property.  Another one is just across the way in what we call the pecan grove.  Then I hung the mealy worm feeder out by the houses to make them aware of the new housing available to them.

Then you get to wait.

2016-03-18 08.24.16

This morning I saw a bluebird fly from the feeder over to the above nesting spot so I am hoping they have started to build a nest.


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