Can They Eat the Whole Thing?

Since last summer’s mini-drought and our pond almost going dry, the pond has refilled nicely however with it has come an amazing amount of algae.  In checking with Hugh Leigh as to the options to reduce that amount of the green scum that covers most of the top of the pond, he suggested buying “grass” carp.

2016-03-18 08.27.06

Since I had bought fish for the pond last year, I simply called up “The Fish Wagon” and priced out grass carp.  It turns out you can buy ‘sterile’ carp or those that can create lots of little carp.  I decided to go with the sterile so they won’t take over the pond.  I was informed that for my size pond I only needed 3 to start off.  I ordered my red ear bream and blue gill as well since I don’t know how many of them survived the drought.

Now we are watching to see if the ‘grass’ goes down soon.  I heard from two other sources that 3 carp should do it. Plus, I heard they will each grow to be about 20 pounds and then stop eating. Sounds almost to good to be true!


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