Fun Events this Weekend vs the Flu

Two seemingly interesting events were on the calendar for me this weekend but the flu has put an end to those plans.

Yesterday was a Yazoo County Forestry Field day held at a member’s land holding.  The organization is sponsored by MSU Extension Services in order to help residents manage their timber holdings.  I discovered last year that you wear knee-high rubber boots to the one’s in the Spring as the mud is pretty overwhelming.  Naturally, I wore only hiking boots so I was looking for high and dry spots to get to the areas we were viewing.  Mississippi has a huge amount of timber, mainly yellow pine now, but a lot of hardwoods, too.  As the pines grow faster than the hardwoods, ones goals have to be put in terms of decades in what is decided to be grown on the land.

As in all the meetings around down here, food is served at some point so I missed the companionship of breaking bread with fellow members.

Today there is a Euro-car Fest in the parking lot of a shopping center down by Jackson and more importantly, right across from a restaurant named Table 100.  I finagled my way into the event with my ’73 MG-B as most of the cars will be really high sports cars.  I met the organizer of these events at a Blues, Ques (as in BBQ) and Cruise event last year and he likes to have all different cars so I think of myself as the beginning price point entry for a sports car.

Ah well, there will be more events coming up soon.  It is Spring, don’t cha’ know.



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