The Bluebirds Went for the Upgrade!

I wrote recently about putting up bluebird houses around our new home and that we were waiting for tenants to move in.  Due to the fact that it has been raining a whole lot this Spring the need for housing has been delayed as it has been colder than normal as well.

This gave me time to put up one final bird house that had been given as a house-warming present.  It is a well-known regional maker of bird houses in Tennessee , Rock City.  The story goes that in Rock City, TN was a tourist attraction that to draw people to come check it out, it was common to pay farmers to paint the roofs of the barns with “See Rock City” so cars from the old-fashioned highways would see them and go to Rock City to see what it was all about.

Up towards the front of land is where we have a veggie garden.  I tapped into the water line to put a faucet in order to water the garden but having a faucet sticking up out of ground was a recipe for having it knocked down by the lawn tractor frequently.  The answer was to put in post to protect the faucet. A bird house on top of the post was nice way to add “fashion” to the function of the post.

20160404_193249 So much for choosing the classic blue bird house when an upgrade is available at no additional cost.


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