My First Athletic Banquet since Eighth Grade

Two weeks ago the Benton Academy had its annual Athletic Banquet and much to my surprise I was invited to attend.  As the golf team had just restarted this year it hadn’t occurred to me that we would have much to recognize let alone celebrate.  However, it did make sense to acknowledge the teams spirit and enthusiasm for golf.  What was interesting was that in-between the time of the initial invitation to attend some very positive events happened that made the Athletic Banquet all the more important to attend.

The first was having one of our team qualify for the State’s and then the fact that due to a rain out of the semi-finals he was advancing to the actual State’s final match. Plus I had a candidate for most improved player with the young man who had come around in the second match and seen the results be so positive.

The Headmaster at BA had asked when I was initially invited to the banquet if I had any awards and I had no as the above developments had not occurred.  I was able to call him back in time to put in for two awards – MVP and Most Improved as a result of the second match.

On the night of the banquet I sat at the coaches table in the front of the room!  Naturally, I was the last on the agenda as all the other sports had many accomplishments to recognize.  I tried to keep it short and sweet. It did take the room by surprise to hear that we had the school represented in the State golf tournament in its first year.  They also clapped at the name of the player who got most improved as he is an individual who doesn’t get much positive acknowledgement.




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